shit man

i knew it i just knew it, ive been freaking out for days thinking something might have happened to him, i mean of course im hella pessimistic so i always think that haha but i worried so much i bothered everyone, asking how do you do it. deal with the overwhelming worry. at least nothing worse happened omg .

still freakin out, always gonna

I need to make out.

Against the wall, on the bed, on top of you, underneath you, on the table, my legs around your waist, yours around mine.. biting your bottom lip, kissing your neck, moaning in your ear, running my hands all over your body. I want you hardcore.

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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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everytime i see a damn sharpie

i have to draw on my skin

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"You smell good."
"Really? I haven’t showered since yesterday.”

in a couple of weeks.”



i have childhood memories that i am not 100% sure actually happened or if i dreamed them i really do not know


but you know thats how memory works, like sometimes your memories didn’t really happen.. you just think they did. its fuckin crazy, your memory is just like this big troll

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Call me at 4 am, and tell me it’s because you want to hear my voice.

too early

woke up at 5:45, cant go back to sleep

my daydreaams arent always happy, especially when im not in complete control, and i was crying and you were holding me

but then i remembered the day you left, and how overwhelmingly sad i was. so many feelings, so fucking intense. but everything that happened felt so important, so monumental. emotions were exploding. 

and so then i was actually crying, but you are much too far away to actually hold me, though i wouldnt want to burden you with tears anyways.

i wish i didnt suck so much ugh sometimes i really wish my feelings would do what i wanted them to do. my daydreams, my wants never match my feelings, or at least what i think i want is never what i feel i want or something, its hard to explain. cant tell you how many times ive daydreamed of being with people for a long time, living with them, loving them, without actually being capable of wanting these things like how does that make sense? my whole life ive done this, dream of falling in love with people, especially people i was dating, and yet my feelings could never even get that close. i used to daydream about loving kyle and living with him, and yet my feelings couldnt even manage to continue for four months. i mean. WHY THE FUCK. dont my wants match up like how can you have different wants im so fucking confused, ive always been confused probably because i think too much. im just so annoyed at myself like how can my feelings be so fucking shallow how how can i have never felt so strongly for another person , and yet they do for me, and i have hurt them because im selfish and apathetic, i just want to fall in love with someone who doesnt love me back because thats what i deserve

i just want to go back to sleep fuck

ive been

spending all my time on

my social life, weed, and rest

and its the most fucking unproductive thing ever

i now have less than two weeks to make my costume

why am i not surprised

im so disappointing

even to myself



My thigh piece is going to be of my wee ratsies, Meri and Pippin, in cloaks fastened with the leaves of Lorien, standing/sitting on Treebeard’s shoulders :3


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my feelings decide to be unselfish, and even when i feel like shit sometimes if i can see that someone else is happy, it just makes me feel good. like. Zac is just so in love and its so beautiful and awesome and im just so happy for him, he totally deserves that and its great.

im glad to say that makes me feel a bit better, gives a better start to my day.

nat appreciation post

i love nat

i miss nat

i always have so much fun with nat

why is nat not here

maybe then i would be on the ground laughing, a few minutes without worry, without thinking she must not want to be my friend, without sadness or paranoia or anything, just fucking laughter about stupid shit . about awesome hilarious shit because we both have the same sense of humour, which is to say that of a 12 year old boy.

i never realized how much she checks my tumblr, and it makes me feel good that someone cares, that my paranoia must be at least a tad misplaced when it comes to her. idk. i appreciate nat. always makes me smile, even if its because i made her smile first.

pls let me see you soon

If one day you wake up and find yourself useless, remember you’re still exhaling CO2, which helps trees and plants with their dark cycles!



my body feels sore

idk why

i slept for like twelve hours

actually maybe thats why

i havent done fucking anything this week

im a huge piece of shit


i wish fred was here

everything hurts

i want to die